Company Culture

    Enterprise purpose:
    Quality first, the supremacy of credibility
    Business policy and strategy:
    Reinforcement learning and training to improve staff quality
    Perfect quality system and the implementation of quality engineering
    Management concept:
    Site management — standardization; quality management — standardization;
    Cost management — market; marketing management — network;
    Integrated management — the
    The enterprise values:
    Innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence
    Individual staff objectives:
    The day of work = work + improvement and innovation
    The quality policy:
    Improvement and innovation of metric benchmarking
    Excellent project of customer satisfaction
    The quality objectives:
    The implementation of brand strategy to participate in international competition
    The purpose of quality:
    To cultivate customer loyalty, with fine
    Innovation power:
    Transmission gear is a key component of most quality safety in agricultural machinery and driveline parts, companies in the cluster gear production experience, technical cooperation with some foreign companies, advanced technology and to review their.
    Enterprises pursue:
    Company to “gear” as the leading product only, must be based on excellent quality, win the customer’s satisfaction, making the enterprise stronger, bigger.
    Enterprise target: Pujiang gear, the brand to the world